Perfect for special occasions, Easter feasts, French or Chinese cuisine, duck is a delicious and easy to cook meat that lends itself to bold flavours, fresh accents, and inventive pairings. Whether you love to whip up duck pancakes, a quick salad with a duck breast, or you are planning to cook it for the first time, The Food Forum is your go-to destination to buy fresh duck online. ...

Take your dinner party to the next level with duck delivered by The Food Forum

The perfect centrepiece for any lunch or dinner party, swapping out the standard chicken for a whole roast duck is an unexpected and delicious option for when you’re entertaining. At The Food Forum, you can easily buy duck online for your next gourmet supper. From Maryland cuts and whole ducks to duck liver, giblets and even duck heads, you’ll love the range available from our butchers.

How to best cook fresh duck

Duck has a rich, luxurious taste, fatty skin and an unexpectedly lean meat underneath. This makes it an excellent protein for healthy suppers, but it also means that duck, especially the breast portion, is prone to becoming overcooked and dry without proper techniques. With lean meat like duck, we recommend two methods to keep the meat moist and succulent: quick, high heat, or low and slow. A pan-seared duck breast pairs beautifully with fresh, herby salads and plenty of citruses to cut through the rich, gamey flavour. Try seasoning the duck and searing the breast skin side down for a few minutes until a crust forms, then flipping and immediately dropping to low heat to finish off the cooking. For Marylands and whole ducks, a confit cook — where the bird is roasted for hours at a low temperature in a bath of oil or fuck fat — produces an incredibly moist result, with tender meat falling off the bone at the end of the bake.

The best roast potatoes you’ll make

The secret to the crispiest and best roast potatoes you’ve ever had? Duck fat. Along with our fresh duck delivery, The Food Forum also offers rendered duck fat to take your roasting game to the next level. Looking for more cooking inspiration or searching for an elusive gourmet ingredient? Our team can help you locate the quality produce you’re looking for. Get in touch with us today, and we can help you with all your grocery needs.


Where can I buy duck in Canberra?

If you’ve ever wondered this, look no further than The Food Forum! Our butcher counter specialises in delicious fresh cuts of both staple proteins and more exotic types of meat, including fresh duck, goat and premium quality Wagyu beef from local farmers.

What type of duck can you find at The Food Forum?

The Food Forum stocks a wide range of duck products for all sorts of recipes. Need something we haven’t got in stock? Let us know, and we can look into sourcing it for you from our local suppliers.

Where does The Food Forum deliver fresh duck in Canberra?

We’re proud to offer delivery to several regions in the ACT, including Belconnen, Gungahlin, the Inner North, Tuggeranong, Weston Molonglo, Woden, and the Inner South. Spend over $100, and you’ll enjoy free delivery during one of our scheduled delivery days in your area.

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