Treat your family to a succulent roast with fresh lamb delivered right to your door from The Food Forum. Whether you’re looking to make a rich ragu sauce, a fresh stirfry or a juicy grill, you won't find fresher lamb from local farmers than at The Food Forum....
Fresh lamb to feed the family

From lamb mince to ribs, shanks and shoulders, it's never been easier to buy lamb online. We work closely with high-quality local producers so you can get fresh lamb from the farm to your table. Buy lamb online from our butchery and throw it straight on the grill, in the oven or in your pot today.

Quality you can taste

If you're searching for "fresh lamb chops near me", you've come to the right place. With long-standing relationships with local producers and farmers across the region, our butchery provides the best fresh lamb for our customers. If you’re after juicy lamb shank, we work tirelessly to ensure the best quality meat makes its way from the fields onto our shelves. Dine-in tonight and see why Australian lamb is so famous across the globe.

Your local Canberra butcher

At The Food Forum, we focus our attention on bringing you the best selection of lamb available. From family staples to premium cuts, you can buy lamb online and enjoy the service of a traditional butcher that prepares your lamb in-store and offers the convenience of lamb delivery to your door.

With wagyu, chicken, duck, beef, pork and goat available at our butcher in Canberra, we have your family dinners and dinner parties covered. Browse our wide range of premium lamb online today and enjoy speedy delivery right to your doorstep.

If you need help choosing the right cut for your meal, please feel free to contact us, and one of our knowledgeable staff members will be there to help you.


What is the best way to buy lamb?

With long-standing relationships with local producers and farmers across the region, The Food Forum is one of the best places to buy lamb online or in-store all year round. The quality of our food and customer service are our highest priorities, so if you need help selecting the perfect cut for your meal or advice on how to best cook your lamb, our knowledgeable staff are always on-hand to help.

What type of lamb can you buy at The Food Forum?

With an exceptional range of fresh lamb on offer, The Food Forum provides you with various options to satisfy everyone's tastes. From family classics such as lamb mince, chops, shoulder and shanks to cutlets and leg roasts for a family lunch, we have you covered.

If you’re looking for something more exotic, we also offer lamb kidneys, hearts and even bones to simmer a stock. Buying lamb online at the Food Forum is easy. With a wide range of cuts of lamb, we can cater for all your family dinners and barbeques.

Where does The Food Forum deliver fresh lamb to?

Meal prepping and organising dinner for your family is no longer an inconvenience when you can buy lamb online from the comforts of your home. Whether you’re looking for lamb shoulder or fresh lamb chops in Canberra, you can get lamb delivered to Belconnen, Gungahlin, Tuggeranong, Weston, Molonglo, Woden, the Inner South and Inner North.

Add lamb to the menu tonight with broad delivery windows Monday to Saturday and free delivery on orders over $100.


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