The ultimate crowd-pleasing protein, chicken is a grocery essential the whole family will love. Whether you’re looking for a whole chook for a Sunday roast, some juicy wings for a delicious snack, tender thigh meat for a curry or a chicken breast for a simple weeknight salad, look no further. At The Food Forum, it’s easy to buy chicken online, no matter what cut you want or what’s on the menu for the week. ...
Buy chicken online from the fresh food experts

If you’re searching for the freshest cuts of meat from quality suppliers you can trust, you’ll find them at The Food Forum. We debone and cut our chicken right here on the premises and work with various ethical suppliers to ensure we bring you premium poultry at affordable prices.

Your local online butcher

The Food Forum makes it easy to get the freshest cuts of meat delivered to your door every week. Our butchers specialise in popular everyday proteins like lamb and pork, as well as premium wagyu beef cuts and meats like goat and duck. From simple, high welfare cuts of meat to delicious marinades and gourmet sausages, you’ll always find a key ingredient for a delicious dinner in our selection.

Make grocery shopping easy with chicken delivery from The Food Forum

If you want better quality groceries but don’t have the time to spend hours at the market, The Food Forum has the answer. In our online store, you’ll find everything from fresh poultry and delicatessen goods to seasonal fresh fruit, vegetables, pantry staples, bread and eggs. As a local small business, we’re committed to serving our community with high-quality produce and staples that you can rely on. Shop our entire range online today and start enjoying the smarter, easier way to shop for quality groceries.


Where can I buy fresh poultry near me?

If you’re located in the Belconnen area, you can visit us in-store at Shop MM07 Westfield Shopping Centre in Belconnen. Located a little further afield? No problem! Our delivery services are available in Canberra and several surrounding areas.

What type of chicken can you buy at The Food Forum?

The Food Forum has a range of fresh chicken cuts for any recipe you want to prepare. As well as our succulent whole chickens, we also stock popular cuts like thighs, breast tenderloins, chicken drumsticks and skin-on chicken Marylands. Searching for a particular cut with loads of flavour? Check out our selection of chicken feet, liver, chicken necks, giblets and carcasses. Give your pup a treat with one of these delicacies, or use it to infuse stocks and soups with extra chicken flavour.

Where does The Food Forum deliver fresh poultry in Canberra?

The Food Forum currently offers delivery to various regions in the ACT. As well as delivery to the Belconnen area, we also service Gungahlin, the Inner North, Tuggeranong, Weston & Molonglo, Woden, and the Inner South. Delivery is free for orders over $100. Not sure if the Food Forum delivers to your area? Get in touch with us to find out more about chicken delivery and click and collect options.

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