Duck Head Kg
$7.99 per kg
Duck Feet Kg
$9.99 per kg
Duck Giblets Kg
$12.99 per kg
Duck Hearts Kg
$4.40 per tray (approx.) $10.99 per kg
Duck Liver Kg
$5.50 per tray (approx.) $10.99 per kg
Duck Whole #​18
$21.99 each
Duck Neck Kg
$14.99 per kg
Duck Breast Kg
$19.99 each (approx.) $24.99 per kg
Duck Pepes Whole #​18
$14.99 per kg
Traditional Stuffed Duck (​pre-order only)
$35.98 each (approx.) $19.99 per kg
Eggs Duck T/​S Cage /​2 Dz 880g
$6.49 each
$29.99 per kg
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