Beef Mince Wagyu
was $24.99 per kg $29.98 each (approx.) $14.99 per kg
Rump Steak Wagyu Mb7/​8
$54.99 per kg
Scotch Fillet Wagyu Mb4-5
$99.99 per kg
Beef Brisket Wagyu Mb9+
$279.93 each (approx.) $39.99 per kg
Porterhouse Wagyu Mb4-5
$89.99 per kg
Rump Steak Wagyu Mb9+
$59.99 per kg
Scotch Fillet Wagyu Mb7-8
$139.99 per kg
Wagyu Spider Steak Mb4-5
$36.99 per kg
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Christmas Pre-Orders now open! 

Introducing our NEW Whole Game Farm Turkey 3-4kg at $12.99/kg!

Raised in the cool Southern Highlands NSW, these Nicholas breed turkeys are hormone-free, with a grain-based diet. Aged 10-18 weeks, Game Farm Turkey farming is one of Australia’s most sustainable practices, requiring less land and causing fewer adverse effects.