Beef Brisket Grassfed Mb4+

Approximately $179.94 each ($29.99 per kg)


"BEEF BRISKET GRASSFED MB4+" Point End Brisket... Now we're starting to get serious!!! These badboys come from the "Little Joe" brand. Little Joe is up there with the best grass fed beef in the world! It is exclusive in supply and rarely do we see grass-fed products achieve a marble score of 4+. All cattle are raised under the JBS assurance program, the farmers work tirelessly to produce only the finest grass fed cattle in Australia and are the lifeblood of the Little Joe brand. While they have more than 3,000 accredited farmers in the JBS Farm Assurance program, only the very best of the best supply into Little Joe! Best to call and make sure this one is in stock as it is not always easy to come by.

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