Fruit Mixed

Fruiterer's choice
Avocado Hass Large
$1.89 each
Kiwi Fruit Large
$2.49 each
Kiwi Fruit Tray
$5.99 each
Pomegranate Small
$2.99 each
Kiwi Fruit Gold Per Kg
$14.99 per kg
Candy Melon Large
$6.99 each
Avocado Hass Small
$0.49 each
Pomegranate Large
$3.99 each
Custard Apple Large
$3.99 each (approx.) $13.99 per kg
$5.99 each
Coconut Young Drinking
$4.99 each
Jack Fruit Green Cooking Whole
$25.98 each (approx.) $12.99 per kg
Dates Medjool Fresh Prepack
$24.99 per kg
Persimmon Large (​Ready To Eat)
$5.41 each (approx.) $18.99 per kg
Jack Fruit Green Cooking Cut
$19.99 per kg
Christmas Cherries Pre-Order (​priced on delivery day) 2kg
$99.00 each
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